Discover about ILO Active Health System diagnostics – and the new Active Health System Viewer that gives you a chance to see the information!

To start with, how about we take a speedy survey of ILO Active Health System. We presented the ILO Active Health System (AHS) with our ProLiant Gen8 servers. This innovation resembles a “flight recorder” for your server. The structure guideline was to record indicative telemetry 24×7 on the server. The server, impact, is continually running the analytic program. Before this innovation (and at present on those other folks’ cases), the client is approached to download an indicative program and attempt to catch leftovers of an issue or to attempt to replicate the issue. In the most  dire outcome imaginable, the client may need to send the framework back to the maker to attempt to investigate the issue. Dynamic Health System changed the manner in which we analyze issues.

With Active Health System, you should simply to download the Active Health System information and send it to HPE for our finding. Dynamic Health System logs data on the arrangement of the server at each boot

Dynamic Health System conclusively responds to this inquiry, as it makes a living history of the setup changes to the server. AHS reports any equipment included, evacuated, supplanted or moved inside the framework. AHS likewise records programming or firmware refreshes. Notwithstanding this design data, Active Health System additionally records a large number of components of occasional runtime indicative telemetry. This runtime telemetry is time stepped. various components from various subsystems are ordered to search for main driver of complex issues.

Quick diagnostics with Active Health System information

The AHS information empowers us to rapidly analyze issues and get you ready to get it done quicker and with less interruption on your part. Our administration and bolster association utilizes the AHS information to analyze issues in the call focus. Our heightening and caseworkers utilize the information to dissect issues that are increasingly confused. Our R&D groups utilize the information to triage the most difficult issues that require the ability of the individual who planned the framework or composed the code. AHS information streamlines this whole procedure. The information is finished to such an extent that even an administrator can, once in a while, analyze and take care of client issues!

I have addressed several clients about the advantages of Active Health System. They comprehend the advantages and they appreciate the possibility of quicker goals of their issues.

Experience the intensity of Active Health System

You will require a free HPE Passport account and the server should be in the guarantee time frame or secured by an assistance contract.The online AHS Viewer includes a Server Subsystem Dashboard, Fault Detection Analytics, Event Log Repositories, Software/Firmware Inventory and the capacity to make a Support Case legitimately from instrument.

AHS Viewer will likewise contrast your firmware and drivers with the most recent Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP), or the rendition you select. At that point produce an examination delta to what you have introduced. You can see data on the improvements/fixes in the new firmware/drivers and a download interface for the updates.

Over all that, I think the coolest element is the Fault Detection Analytics. The AHS Viewer will investigate the information searching for known issues. On the off chance that the AHS Rules Database finds a known issue, at that point the AHS Viewer will furnish you with self-symptomatic data focused about the issue. This isn’t conventional data. This is a custom fitted goals explicit to the condition recorded in your dynamic wellbeing framework information. This ability overwhelmed me the first occasion when I saw it illustrated. What an extraordinary help!

Since the AHS Viewer is an electronic device, there is nothing for you to introduce – and you will consistently be utilizing the most recent rendition of the device with the most modern Rules Database.