Hp Servers:

The cloud era has created an unprecedented explosion of data and digital information. The impact on data centers is tremendous.  With highly virtualized environments and unpredictable workloads, a typical 10,000-square-foot data center can see demand for storage capacity grow by 45% each year. And along with that demand comes the burden of protecting and analyzing data that will generate useful business insight.

But the impact isn’t just on your infrastructure’s outdated servers. There is a ripple effect that reaches out to your entire server infrastructure and into data center operations. For every new rack of storage, seven racks of server computing power are needed. And those servers must be integrated, managed,powered, cooled, and supported.

For many data centers, IT infrastructure and operations have reached a breaking point; incremental improvements no longer work. It’s time for a server that works smarter, so that everything works better.

Customer inspired, HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers are unlike anything else in the market. HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers include over 150 design innovations that allow administrators to increase application performance, and free up resources to focus on business innovation.

Built on HP ProActive Insight architecture, the new servers constantly analyze over a thousand system parameters to get the best application performance and proactively improve uptime— all while providing actionable insight into every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

HP ProLiant Gen8 introduces HP-only and industry-first innovations that use embedded intelligence to get rid of manual tasks and automate IT operations.