Automate your backup and archive with a tape auto loader that provides a choice of LTO Ultrium tape drives, remote management, data encryption, and proactive drive and media health monitoring.

The HPE Store Ever 1/8 G 2 Tape Auto loader gives practical, simple to-introduce, unattended reinforcement and file that is perfect for a passage level or remote office robotized information insurance also, maintenance arrangement. The HPE Store Ever 1/8 G2 auto loader joins mind boggling capacity thickness and tape library highlights into a minimized 1U structure factor. Equipped for up to 120 TB of packed limit in just a 1U structure factor, the auto loader is well prepared to offer room for erratic information development. Online remote administration offers the capacity to rapidly and effectively get to, arrange, screen, and investigate the auto loader that decreases conditions on nearby IT staff while permitting various locales to be upheld halfway. You can secure secret business data with local encryption, along these lines ensuring that if a tape is lost or taken your information is shielded from unapproved get to. Proactively screen usage, operational execution, just as life and well being data for both the drive and media with Tape Assure.

Extraordinary capacity thickness esteem

  • The Store Ever 1/8 G2 Tape Auto loader gets together to 120 TB of compacted limit in just a 1U structure factor utilizing either a LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 SAS or FC tape drive. Simple to oversee and utilize
  • Each auto Loader incorporates one mail opening, two removable 4-space magazines for mass stacking of media, and a helpful mass stockpiling unit for moving media offsite.
  • The standardized tag per user gives quicker stock occasions and encourages following of media.
  • The Web-based remote administration highlight enables access, to arrange, screen, and investigate the StoreEver 1/8 G2 Tape Auto loader.

Full included

  • Allows you to proactively screen drive and media usage, operational execution, life, furthermore, wellbeing data for drive and media with Tape Assure.
  • Offers an elevated level encryption capacity with the HPE Store Ever 1/8 G2 Encryption Kit. The unit is immediately introduced into a LTO-7, LTO-6, LTO-5, or LTO-4 Ultrium auto loader and keeps up up to 100 encryption keys to empower information protection that improves the security of private business data for tape cartridges situated on or offsite.
  • Provides you with everything required in the case. The Store Ever 1/8 G2 incorporates Yosemite Server Backup essential reinforcement and recuperation programming.

HPE Factory Express

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Client specialized preparing

Think about instruction as a basic piece of your technique to get the best rate of profitability for your HPE stockpiling arrangement. HPE offers an assortment of instructional classes on capacity programming,organizing, chronicling, and circle stockpiling frameworks