HPE ProLiant DL 360 Gen10 Servers

DL 360

HPE ProLiant DL 360 Gen10 Servers :

The HPE ProLiant DL 360 Server is a secure, performance driven dense server that can be deployed for virtualization, database or high-end computing.

It provides security, agility and flexibility while not compromising on performance.

Does your server farm need a safe, execution driven thick worker that you can unhesitatingly send for virtualization, information base, or elite processing? The HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 worker conveys security, spryness and adaptability without bargain.

Its processor is the Intel Xeon Scalable processor which enables up to a 60% performance gain and a 27% increase in cores along with 2933 MT/s HPE DDR4 Smart Memory supporting up to 3.0 TB with an increase in performance up to 82%.

The two 12-core 2.3GHz Xeon Gold 5118 CPUs are fitted with solid passive heatsinks and flanked by 24 DIMM slots which allows it’s memory to be 3.0 TB.

The server comes with seven cooling fans lined up between the motherboard and drive backplane. They are the hot-plug variety and hence can be replaced without powering the server down.

HPE iLO Advanced licenses offer keen distant usefulness without bargain, for all HPE ProLiant workers. The permit incorporates the full coordinated far off support, virtual console, video, and mouse (KVM), multi-client joint effort, comfort record and replay, and GUI-based and scripted virtual media and virtual organizers. You can likewise initiate the improved security and force the board usefulness

There isa lot of room to expand. The server has two risers at the back offering a total of three PCI-Express slots

Along with all the features that the HPE Persistent Memory, HPE NVDIMMs and 10 NVMe bring, this server is all about business.  It also has the HPE One View and HPE Integrated Lights Out 5. This 2P secure Platform allows workload management in places with less space.

Storage versatility is a key design feature of the DL360 Gen10 Server.

It allows you to mix up NVMe drives with SAS/SATA SFF hard disks so you can customize it to fit your workload demands.

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