To meet the growing demands of your business, HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers redefine compute economics by delivering more compute and storage capacity, right-sized compute with flexible choices, and lower compute energy and floor space consumption.

With HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers, you can accelerate your business results with faster compute, memory, and I/O performance, coupled with increased storage and networking performance—including lower latency.

HPE ProLiant is available in three families:

  • HPE ProLiant MicroServer family
  • HPE ProLiant ML family
  • HPE ProLiant DL family

While all three families are designed to handle multiple workloads—IT infrastructure, web, business applications, collaboration, analytics, Big Data, and more—each family is optimized for specific use cases.

HPE ProLiant rack and tower servers are available in a variety of platforms to support different compute needs and workloads. The following charts will help you compare the offerings within the HPE ProLiant rack and tower families.

Trusted servers built for today and tomorrow

Mobility, the cloud, Big Data, and data security trends are creating high expectations for businesses of all sizes. These modern IT demands are driving a major shift away from a traditional server-based approach to a new compute approach that accelerates IT service delivery, lowers costs, and fuels business growth.

Intelligent HPE ProLiant servers give you the freedom to reimagine the server and start thinking in terms of compute for your business. No matter what your size, there is an HPE ProLiant server that is just right to help you meet increasing user and customer demands—even when time, money, and technology resources are stretched thin.

HPE ProLiant servers can help you focus on key areas of IT transformation that will help you increase agility and flexibility, reduce costs, grow revenue and profits, manage risk, and improve your customers’ and employees’ experience; in short, transformations that will empower you to compete in the mobile cloud era.